Downrange Density : Sustainable Peak Performance

Downrange Density : Sustainable Peak Performance

by hamdouch

Downrange Density

“Maximal performance of technique;
not maximal output of effort.”

If you’re looking for a fancy and fun new fitness program, and have no real concerns other than your waistline and the snugness of your t-shirt sleeves, this probably isn’t the program for you.

This is a serious program, engineered with science, forged by decades of experience, and designed to support those with the most stressful occupational specialties known to man.

Downrange Density : Sustainable Peak Performance

Q: Why should I choose Downrange Density?

Q: Is Downrange Density appropriate for beginners?

Q: Do I need any equipment for this program?

Q: What benefits can I expect from using this program?

Q: Is it possible that the Downrange Density program can be hard for me?

Q: Can I use other fitness programs in conjunction with Downrange Density? How can I use Downrange Density with other fitness programs?

Q: How much time should I dedicate to this program?

Downrange Density : Sustainable Peak Performance

Follow-Along Mobility and Compensation Videos

Follow along with Coach Sonnon as he moves with you while cuing proper technique for all levels, and movement transitions through the prescribed sequences. These training videos provide an excellent training tool for your practice by both seeing and hearing from Coach Sonnon himself. Even as you internalize these sequences, these videos will always be a powerful reference tool to look back at to reinforce or clean up your technique.

Instructional Tutorial Videos

Coach Sonnon breaks down each technical aspect of every movement found in Downrange Density. Each exercise is covered and its technical nuances as well as what skills are being honed, and each exercise’s anatomical benefit. All this instruction also covers each level of progression within an exercise to hold-fast its accessibility for all fitness levels. These include downshifts to access the technique and make corrections and up-shifts as the technique improves and add incremental challenge for positive adaption.

Programs for Variety and Customization to your Occupational and Lifestyle Tempo

Within Downrange Density are 10 different but parallel programs*. Each program can be customized and fitted to your individual needs contingent on your lifestyle tempo, vocational demands, and personal preferences. Having these varieties ensures that you will be able to program and plug in Downrange Density into your life in the most beneficial strategies to optimize the results of your physical practice. One of the key trademarks of the TACFIT system is its intelligent programming, and in Downrange Density, this holds especially true.

* Programs are included in Calendar Journals.

Calendar Journals

Each of the Calendar Journals correspond with the customized programing and provide a per-day mobility, workout, or compensatory protocol. All the leg work has been done for you. Every per-day protocol will have details of the work to be done, references, and workout protocol worksheets to write your reps, time, and heart rate for accurate data recording to tangibly quantify every step of your progress. Everything you need within your reach on a daily basis.

Field Manual

The Downrange Density field manual is your key tool for briefing yourself for all the aspects of this program. From the history of this programs development, to its key factors of execution, and the ins and outs of the unique density style workout programming of this curriculum; while also including a reference guide and written descriptions for ALL the movements and exercises used in Downrange Density. The field manual is also packed with educational information to ensure you are getting the most from your training practice physically and mentally. With this as your guide, the instructional and follow along videos, the programming options and corresponding calendar workout journals, Downrange Density prepares you for success on all levels of your training practice and self development.

Important Note:
please check the Q&A section above for the Downrange Density equipment recommendations.

Downrange Density : Sustainable Peak Performance

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